Code of Conduct & FAQ for STACKED at the Pacific Coliseum


Guest Behaviour

The Pacific National Exhibition would like to create an enjoyable and safe experience for all attending our events, both on our grounds and inside our venues. Guest experience staff are on site to clarify polices, accessibility assistance and to respond to questions. We recommend that guests hold onto their ticket stub and be ready to display it to venue officials to verify seating/standing locations and as proof of purchase. Guests who demonstrate inappropriate and disruptive behavior are subject to being removed from the premises.

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Pat Down Policy

In order to provide a safe environment, you and your belongings may be searched upon entry into the venue. By tendering the ticket and entering the venue, you consent to such searches. If you elect not to consent to the searches, you will be denied entry into the venue. The premises are monitored by video camera, please be aware that your movements may be recorded. There will be male-identified and female-identified searchers working events. Guests are encouraged to select the line-up and searchers with whom they feel most comfortable. If you have any questions please speak to one of our security staff members for assistance.

Prohibited Items

The PNE reviews the security protocol for each event, based on a number of factors. These factors change on an event by event basis. Guests should be aware that any number of items can be subject to security protocol including search and potential confiscation if warranted.

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No Smoking Policy

We remind our guests that smoking of any kind, and the use of alternative smoking devices (electronic or vapor), is not permitted inside the Pacific Coliseum. Electronic or vapor devices are subject to our cannabis policy.

Cannabis Policy

Guests are not permitted to bring substances that cause intoxication or impairment into the Pacific Coliseum – including alcohol and cannabis. Exceptions will be made for medical cannabis (with appropriate documentation) or other prescription medications. Individuals who have recreational cannabis on their person are encouraged to secure it in their vehicle. Smoking cannabis is prohibited on PNE grounds and within its venues 


Unacceptable Behaviour


Prohibited Items


Coat Check Information

Coat Check will be located on the north-east side of the main concourse near section R. VIP coat check is located in the VIP area / Pacific Lounge.

We allow checking of purses, back packs, duffel bags and clothing.  Each item requires a separate coat check tag.  Coat check fees are: $5 small purse or per clothing item, $10 back pack and $20 large duffel bag. Items are released to the guest who possesses the coat check tag. We recommend to guests to take a photo of their coat check tag and treat like cash.  Tags cannot be replaced.  If you are not in possession of your tag, your will need to wait until the end of the night.  Coat check staff will work with you to identify your item.  You will be required to give an accurate description of your item with any identifying markers in order for release of the item without the coat check tag.

Unclaimed coat check items will be logged the next business day following the show.  These items can be retrieved within 30 days by connecting with the Lost and Found department.


Lost and Found Information

The Guest Services booth will be located on the south-east side of the main concourse by the front glass doors near section Y.  Any items found during the Stacked show will be logged and held at this location until the end of the show.  Guests who have lost an item are recommended to go to the booth where a guest experience staff member can reunite them with their item.  If it has yet to be found, the item and contact details will be logged.   Found items that are not claimed by the end of the night will be held for 30 days following the show.  Items of a personal nature (ID, Bank Card, Passport) are turned into Vancouver Police department.  All other items are donated to various organizations after 30 days.

Guests can connect with the Lost and Found department following the show by:
Phone: 604.251.7717